accommodation fee

Per person 1 person 2 person 3 person 4 person
Standard(STD) ¥ 18,000 / 1 person(¥19,800 including tax) ¥ 11,000 / 1 person(¥12,100 including tax) ¥ 9,000 / 1 person(¥9,900 including tax) ¥ 8,000 / 1 person(¥8,800 including tax)
day before a holiday(HOL) ¥ 21,000 / 1 person(¥23,100 including tax) ¥ 13,000 / 1 person(¥14,300 including tax) ¥ 11,000 / 1 person(¥12,100 including tax) ¥ 10,000 / 1 person(¥11,000 including tax)
Special A(SA) ¥ 24,000 / 1 person(¥26,400 including tax) ¥ 15,000 / 1 person(¥16,500 including tax) ¥ 13,000 / 1 person(¥14,300 including tax) ¥ 12,000 / 1 person(¥13,100 including tax)
Special S(SS) ¥ 27,000 / 1 person(¥29,700 including tax) ¥ 17,000 / 1 person(¥18,700 including tax) ¥ 15,000 / 1 person(¥16,500 including tax) ¥ 14,000 / 1 person(¥15,400 including tax)
  • ・Elementary school students: 1,000 yen discount from the adult rate(¥1,100 including tax)
  • ・Preschool children (4 years old through elementary school entrance): 2,000 yen discount from the adult fee(¥2,200 including tax)

Repeater Benefits

As a special treat for repeat guests who have stayed at Dawn in the past, we are offering Dawn’s original drip bag coffee as a gift (one per person). The coffee is blended to taste good even when cold, so please enjoy it as an accompaniment to your reading.

Consecutive Night Discount

For guests staying for two consecutive nights, a discount of 1,000 yen per person will be applied to the room rate for the second and subsequent nights. Please spend a relaxing time with a book in a space for book lovers.

Premium Plan

For those who are celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary, we offer a premium plan that allows you to make individual orders for meals, relaxation, etc. For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Cancellation Charge

Number of persons/day 1 day ago 3 day ago 7 day ago 14 day ago
More than 1 person 100% 80% 50% 30%

Accommodation Reservation Form

Please use the form below to make a reservation to stay at the Library-inn “Akazki.”
For preparation purposes, please make a reservation at least 2 days prior to your stay.

* Your reservation is not completed at the time you submit the form. We will contact you regarding availability and fees. Your reservation will be officially completed upon confirmation of payment.
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    Dinner (served in your room) 3,000 yen(3,500 yen incl. tax) serve(s)
    Breakfast (served in your room) 1,500 yen(1,650 yen incl. tax) serve(s)

    Please click here to see the details of the meals.

    Guest Information

    Name of the representative guest (required) ex) Taro Akazki
    Email Address (required)  ex)

    After you submit the reservation form, a tentative reservation acceptance e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered, containing information on how to pay the fee.
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